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"all capitalistic markets

"all capitalistic markets rely on the existence at least a minimal legal order."

You don't need a government for minimum legal order. In fact governments violate the law just to exist. You think this is necessary? For a government, you're right. You can't have the NAP and a government at the same time. You certainly can without a government. A security company which guards a gated community doesn't violate its employer's rights. If it did, it would be fired and a different company would be hired.

The NAP isn't an anarchistic principal. Its the law in a just society. If you violate it, you are a criminal without exceptions. Wearing a badge doesn't give you a license to initiate force. That you actually think you can't have a society unless some have the authority to commit crime against others is a testament to your position.

The reason there is no now, and has never been a lawful society is because society remains under the duress of criminal organizations which you and other people refer to as governments. Mafias who pretend their aggression is "legal" because they are sanctioned by their slaves and who don't know any better because the gangs control education and the spread of information. Or at least; they did.

Voluntary society isn't possible yet. There's nothing "utopian" about it. It simply the end-game result of social order when (if) humans actually follow a system of law where all crime is illegal. It has never been possible in our history, because we, as a species remain far too brainwashed and controlled to recognize crime when we see it. We call things other than what they are. We call mass murder "war." We call child murder "abortion." We call theft, "taxes." We call organized crime, "Government." Humans have a great talent for inventing evasive language to cover up reality. We indoctrinate our children to be subservient to arbitrary authority and believe in the state without real question.

Technology and the spread of information, if not curtailed by the gangs, may eventually pave the way for a lawful society where crime is not sanctioned, but it won't be any time especially soon, certainly not until large portions of the ignorant and inundated older generations of tax-cows die off. If voluntary society wasn't possible, governments wouldn't have always prioritized controlling information and knowledge.

The elite class understand that liberty is the desired state of our species which is why they "always" destroy the pursuit of it and propagandize the glory of the state and other collectivist institutions of arbitrary authority, such as your religion. So long as the majority believe having a shiny badges, or wearing fancy hats with pictures of a deity on them gives you the right to deprive others of their rights, we will always be tax-cows and slaves.

This is the first time in the history of humanity when the free spread of information, and the philosophy of liberty may actually escape the government censor. Therefore, this is the first time in human history when the cry for freedom can go global and a lawful society could actually have a chance of arising. You and those who believe in the false paradigm of gang control and brute force are the obstacles standing in the way of liberty. Hard to say who will win, so far the odds are with you however. That's hardly a surprise. I do think that the NAP is inevitable in the distant future because of advances in technology, but it may be thousands of years before humans outgrow our need to band together into gangs and take resource by force. Of course its equally likely that these gangs will extinguish life on earth in nuclear holocaust first. The tyrant does not surrender power, and like spoiled brats, they will happily sweep the pieces off the board before letting their slaves go free.