Comment: I identify the premises in the statement.

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I identify the premises in the statement.

I identify the premises in the statement, which do you disagree with?

1.David said that the defence agencies would normally not fight, implying sometimes they would.

2. If two defence agencies fight that is a mini war here in the United States.

3.Some of these wars will draw in other defence agencies , increasing the scope of the war and have collateral damage that would make life miserable in your city. You don't need too many of them for things to be horrible.

The premises for my conclusion that there would be an increase in criminality are:1. there will always be people that choose predation, they prefer to pick on the weakest links- victims, there are individuals not protected by a defense agencies that used to be protected by the state i.e. more easy victims. Thus, more crime.

Premises for the conclusion that criminal gangs would be incentivized to buy military hardware.
1. With a central government there is no incentive for criminal gangs to acquire tanks, guided missiles, or drones, because that just makes it easier for them to be caught and they do not increase their pool of victims.

2. However, once the state is removed every investment in military hardware increases the amount of potential victims.

3. David thinks that this investment would be unwise on their part. How does he know? Does he know cost-benefit analysis of criminality ?

4. On the face of it, a small investment in guided missiles would increase the potential for extortion enormously. More and more people would just have to give in to the demand of extortion.
5.The same logic applies to foreign tyrants and criminals. David's answer is, he would depend on charity to pay for a professional army that could deter these threats of extortion

6. I think this is imprudent and I would never rely on charity to protect my freedom, and all my property. It is too flimsy a reed on which to support your whole life.

7. I think your chances protecting your liberty and property are greater by socially organizing with people that are willing to pay for such an important service and commit to this legally in the form of a limited government.

Jan Helfeld