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Thanks for writing that book for me

Good to see you have conceded that arrest of a presumed innocent is invalid on NAP. Some other anarchists wouldn't concede this, realizing how absurd it is. This means if you and all your neighbors are convinced someone raped a kid, you have to let them leave.

Your problem is you don't realize that the trial and sentence are themselves invalid on NAP, since a bunch of people who weren't witnesses have no jurisdiction to decide anyone's guilt on NAP. Deciding someone's guilt by an arbitrary panel's majority or other consensus is not self defense.

NAP only supports self defense or defense by a third party. It doesn't cover or justify a person making a personal opinion about another's likely guilt or innocence and then claiming the right to harm them on the basis of that individual opinion.

If that was valid, than anyone on the street could say "I think Bob is a murderer" and go shoot Bob.

Unless there is a proper and final jurisdiction, such as a law court or a jury, then everyone is judge jury and executioner. And at the same time, none is justified on NAP.

Think a little and maybe you'll learn something.