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Comment: On orthogonality and compatibility of the NAP with Republics

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On orthogonality and compatibility of the NAP with Republics

"Sue claims..."

"Jones thinks..."

"Fred [...] feels..."

"Elvis [...] to defend..."


I don't know who is guilty and who is innocent.

But that's why people have tried, with limited success throughout History, written laws around the defense of rights and the rendering of Justice thru such laws (and Justice only) - within Republics, on a recurring and quite universal basis. Thus, far beyond the limited extent in space and resources of the gangs in your example.

Forms of government are orthogonal to the NAP, as much as they are with the laws of physics:

the NAP being only a principle, those forms either accept it as a desirable one, principle, to be followed in governance under rule of law, or to be useless and ignored, replaced by something more "socially planned" (here, "yuck!" is my intellectual and almost animal reaction to the latter, by now - Hint, Hint).

Republics have no fundamental (theoretical) issues to embrace it (the NAP) and formalize it in their written laws - at least "per their founding principles", precisely.

The (BIG) problem is:

MUCH observably - and MUCH "spectacularly", if I dare say - people can't seem to be capable to keep their Republics - and even less, the NAP (once relatively secured by the same Republics) - for very long.

The American people in 2014, included.

People only give themselves (or abandon themselves to) the governments they ask for - consciously or not.

If the American Republic has to die, so be it - I can only wish it won't, hence my relentless communication effort to ask your people to think twice about that:

* one can only hope to get what they have really paid for;

* one will always lose what they have neglected (or, have lost sight of - ) for too long.

Are SNAP EBT cards, free healthcare, and free entertainment on the Boob Tube more valuable than a Bill of Rights that fit on a single sheet of paper?

You, and your fellow Americans, you decide.

AFAICT, no doubts about that, is this unashamed, bragging traitor (and hundred others with him, also in office) certainly uses it (your Bill of Rights) as his/their toilet paper.

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