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Comment: Slavery was the result of ignorance and opportunity

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Slavery was the result of ignorance and opportunity

First off, I’m absolutely dumbfounded why you would chose slavery, one of the most repugnant examples of government sanctioned human injustices to argue a pro-government position. I sure hope you can see the irony in that. But hey, whatever. Here’s my answer:

Slavery, like countless other injustices throughout human history, was the product of ignorance (in this case a superiority complex on the part of the slave owners) and opportunity. So what’s you’re reason for slavery and how does that build a case against anarchism? I can’t wait to hear it.

P.S. You set the direction and asked the question so let's please try to stay on point and handle one issue at a time. I hope you find this reasonable.

P.P.S. Since you haven't refuted my counter argument that anarchists DO NOT "believe people are all angels" I will assume you've capitulated on that point. Please confirm. Also, keep in mind that ability to answer questions or defend a position is YOUR basis for determining if a someone is "bright" or not.