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The customers

aren't really customers vis a vi force-agencies (armed corporate entities), they may be clients at first, but as thorough dependents without comparable force, there is no mechanism to maintain a competitive, open entry environment in any given territory.

In the real-world market, it is the force-monopolist who prevents one businesses from using violence to put another out of a territory; the force monopolist maintains a free or fair playing field (sometimes, not always) and taxes the product for its service.

In the absence of the force-monopolist, there is no one to maintain/enforce an open, free entry market in security; rather, competing armed agencies will create force-monopolies in their areas and extract rent/taxes from their dependent clients.

You're confusing the dynamics of free markets in nonforce services, maintained and imposed by a force monopolist, with something totally different; a world without a force monopolist is a world where anyone can claim jurisdiction to become a force monopolist in a territory, and there is no appeal or guarantor of any laws or rights.