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Sticking to it is always an issue


This is the guide I'm using:

If you have a 9-5 job, it is harder, definitely, but doable. I'm lucky that I have very flexible hours now, but it is doable on a 9-5 schedule. I've done it before.

I think it is best to consume the juice on the day you make it. If you take it to work, take it in an airtight container, like a thermos.

In terms of sticking with it -- just stay focused on the benefits you're getting, not on what you're giving up Don't say: Oh, I wish I could eat a sandwich! I focus instead on how crappy and bloated I will feel after eating it. Most people only focus on the taste. I did for a long time. It is harder to have a wider perspective.

But you can do it.

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