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You may have misunderstood me for long.

You may have misunderstood me for long.

I'm not even interested in trying "anarchy" just for the sake of it (if only because I still have a vague idea of what people actually mean with it), so I never really entered that debate you seem so obsessed with.

I don't believe in the idea of building a human society around abstract ideologies, which, for some, are only purely deceptive lip service to - WHATEVER - and to disguise the greatest plans of horrors in inhumanity that they actually pursue for only a select few - the same who think they are Supermen and smarter, better than anybody.

Instead, I do believe in simple and sound principles where my litmus test is :

could even a 6 year old grasp the concept without being a genius or be indoctrinated for over a decade+ by so-called "academics in social sciences" ?

I still don't understand the point of trying SO HARD to make a would-be-definitive rebuttal of anarchy (which has rarely been tried, if ever at all? and like I said, I am barely curious about) and "at all cost", so to speak, when it's the FREAKING EXACT OPPOSITE OF IT, that we have been, are, and (likely) will continue to be suffering all over the freaking place !

That is,

TOO BIG (and eventually, TOTALLY centralized, and TOTALLY arbitrary) governments.

"Arbitrary", adjective or noun, here's my favorite dictionary entry :

Where's the "TOO BIG" power in the hands of "TOO FEW" with anarchy?

Likewise, where's the threatening "centralization" of such power?

I fail to see.

But :

Again, again, and again, just forgetting anarchy completely for a minute, I would be perfectly fine if people could at least keep their Republics with a rule of law and beneficial, just, simple, sound principles such as the NAP, that the former (Republics) secures well enough (when they're allowed to last).


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