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The intellect is fun to play with, but the real world & facts

The intellect is fun to play with, but the real world & facts ought to matter, too, IMO.

At work, I don't chase software bugs that never manifested themselves and/or nobody ever complained about, nor only remotely suspected there were some anywhere, anyhow.

I go after what is observable, unexpected, reproducible, and damageable for the user and/or the general health of the system, in functionality and performance.

In other words, I don't waste time with chimeras and speculations (even if I could find them amusing/entertaining) on what is also possibly wrong elsewhere, without one single ounce of evidence or clue about those.

That's off-topic and beyond what we can find wrong more or less easily, but usually (actually: always) with plenty of evidences coming shortly after a close investigation has started, precisely.

So, I won't go after anarchy for that :

any more than I would go after, say, the 49ers' fans and their drinking habits (et al.) after a game - won or lost.

I know the undisputable true, blatant culprit (even, often boasting and bragging about itself on how good it is) all damn too well, as it has been widely documented already, as it's made clear at the above YT link.

It's been called "democide" for a reason. I fail to find more of a would-be documented direct correlation with anarchy or its proponents, though. Funny, the word "government" has many more occurrences when that sort of account is considered, with sadness.

The only types of anarchy I witnessed (or heard of) going out of hands, once in a while, have mostly involved packs of young children left unattended by irresponsible adults, in various situations.

What I find amazing, though, is so many people still can't seem capable to acknowledge the infamy linked above as simply as it is, like when it's a car + truck wreck they would see AND hear happening right before their eyes, real time.

Who is going to say they were there and describe it as an apple + orange wreck?

Bezmenov once said some Americans should unplug the bananas from their ears.

I'd be less specific than him on "American" (because it's not just Americans) - but I would add, though, beyond the bananas and the ears :

and maybe also remove the potatoes stuck on their eyeballs, blocking the entire vision.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius