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Thanks for sparing me the history lesson

Issue #1 -- Earlier you asserted:

"No rulers, means no government. Somalia is a perfect place for you."

Next you asserted (emphasis mine):

"They picked parts of Africa because they were NO Government to protect the people there from involuntary capture. That is why...THIS ALONE IS THE PRIME REASON why I reject people like yourself that promote anarchy."

Somalia = No government = No protection from slavery

Got it! That is your premise. So my question to you is, if your statements are true then where are all the shiploads of Somali slaves happening right now? Did you get your Somali slave, because I didn't get mine? It must be a very slow boat. Surely since we're not all angels we must be expecting our shipments to arrive.

BTW - I STAND VERY FIRM ON MY EXACT WORDS THAT "SLAVERY WAS THE RESULT OF IGNORANCE AND OPPORTUNITY". Remember, this was YOUR QUESTION and YOUR POINT that you were trying to make and I gave you a DIRECT ANSWER that I'm sticking to without edit. Likewise, I'm sure you've "thought through your position" and wouldn't want to elaborate or modify your words at all.

Moving on to issue #2...

You claim anarchists are not bright because they cannot defend their position or answer questions. With that in mind, you keep insisting anarchists "believe people are all angels" and yet you've offered ZERO evidence to support this claim. This, even after I already spelled it out for you: Anarchism = no rulers = no government.

How does anarchism equate to "believing people are all angels"?

This is my third attempt to have you explain your premise. It's not the anarchist fault you're having such a difficult time coming up with any other possible reason why anarchists would hold a no-government position. In your mind it seems, why else could someone possibly support a no-government position unless they naively believed people are all angels.

What you're doing is conflating and then creating a strawman argument against it. Again, that's not the anarchist fault.

I look forward to your reply.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.