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You are agreeing, correct?

I see nothing different from what I said. Or if so its just the awkwardness of trying to say in plain english that corporations give business people (limited) immunity from damages they cause to third parties. Example, you provide a service to a party under a limited liability contract. If you damage his land, your personal property is rightly immune. However suppose while performing this service you damage the land of a third party with whom you have no agreements. Rightly, that party should expect you to make them whole, regardless of the arrangements you have made with other parties. Legally, however, he is forced to accept the terms of your business and can only expect to be made whole as far as the assets of the corporation allow, regardless of the wealth of the owner or manager that allowed the damage to occur. Of course there are exceptions for criminal and provable malicious intent.
So a tax is how the corporation pays for this priviledge. I might be for it if its how the government funded itself; get rid of personal income tax and only tax corporations.