Comment: Thanks for that Cyril

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Thanks for that Cyril

Portland Oregon. My hometown. These are the folks teaching our children. My children. Whining like a bunch of spoiled children. And they are teaching OUR children.

Because of reasons beyond my control my children attend these Portland PUBLIC Schools.

And I see the result of this teaching in their daily actions. The good news? It's summertime. Dad gets to show them the real world.

I came across a photocopied half page letter from my daughters PPS just the other day. It was dated Oct 25 2013. Stuffed in my youngest girl's school bag. It was related to some incident that happened with a student in the school that threatened some other student. The police had apparently been called. At the end of the short notice are the words, "Together we are a strong and safe community".

I will be checking out the Daily Disinfectant.