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yes anyone can throw up a

yes anyone can throw up a sign and claim to be a DRO, just as any person today can claim to be a security company, but they have to have credibility in society for anyone to give their business to them. but lets say victim A purchases the new DRO on a whim and the new DRO goes and kills or arrests someone else on a false claim, they in turn are liable in society for being an aggressor without reason and would be subject to arbitration themselves. thats the same as today that is person A hires a bounty hunter to arrest/kill person B under a false claim. the bounty hunter has his own reputation to look after in order to get future business. without proper investigation, how can the bounty hunter/new DRO be sure this isnt a false claim thus endangering his business by acting unethical? now you can say, what if someone wanted revenge and just claimed themselves a DRO. thats fine but that doesnt make them exempt from prosecution from the victim's DRO for harming their customer unjustly. also, you forget the economic ostracism from society when word gets out this dude is a corrupt DRO thatll kill anyone without proper evidence, just as long as hes paid.

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