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Everything you just said agrees with my OP

Anyone can claim to be an arb agency, and anyone else can retaliate if they disagree with their decision. Everyone can decide that everyone else is an aggressor if they disagree about the evidence. Everyone is guilty and no one is guilty, there is no chain of appeal, nor legal jurisdiction, and no final arbiter.

If a DRO did its investigation and came to a different conclusion than another DRO, neither has jurisdiction and whatever decision is reached can be challenged by any other DRO until the end of time. No one is ever in the clear, there is no double jeopardy rule, no statute of limitations, and the only deciding factor in such a case is which DRO is more powerful.

All of this assumption that business interests would be the a active incentives is silly. These are force agencies in a world without government, therefore they have the same incentives that governments have, to garner maximum area/power for taxation of their clients.