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Any Old American Joe

can see it if they want but looking at the voting trends of American Joe's I do not have much confidence they care enough about something like a constitution and have probably never read it.

I have a couple of those old American Joe relatives. If you knocked on their door canvassing they would listen, smile, be polite, etc. Hell after you left you might think they will be voting for your candidate or cause but when they close the front door they do not give a shit. As long as they can take their vacations once or twice a year and live fairly comfortably they could give a crap less. Sure they will admit things are screwed up all day long but they won't be doing anything about it to rock the boat.

At least the constituitional statists, despite their coercive implied consent tendencies I can not stand, do care to some degree and actually do things sometimes which might rock the boat even if just a little bit.

To clarify a point in my first comment. The reason one does not sue an agency unless it relates to a matter of policy is some principle behind government immunity which is government is not a moral agent capable of doing right or wrong. Only individuals are moral agents capable of doing right or wrong. If a government actor is engaged in wrong doing by exceeding their office then they are not acting in an official government capacity while engaged in wrong doing and are personally liable. They are operating only under color of title, office, or law when engaged in any wrong doing. However since policies are formulated by more than one individual agencies are susceptible to suit for unreasonable policies that infringe against rights. For instance if wrong doing was guided by bad policy one would sue the agency and individual.