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On the surface...

The surface. Where the rubber meets the road.
I need more info on the material and design of the surface.

It appears to be fairly smooth even with the traction topography of the surface.
Almost glass like.

I'm thinking oil and water do not mix.
Roadways are covered in leaking lubrication oils and coolants from cars.
Then it rains.
Slippery When Wet?

Asphalt and concrete roadways are subject to this hazard.
Modern tire tread design attempts to mitigate the effect.
The smoother the surface, the greater the hazard.
Water alone sheeting the roadway is dangerous even with a new, oil free surface.

Other than that, I think it's super cool.
I seen it on Indiegogo a few weeks back.
I like the solar collection aspect to be sure.
Why not veneer the south side of other structures with it?

I can see it being rolled out at large amusement parks.
I would be conducive and a good proving ground.
On public roadways...I dunno.
Software/hardware/malware/cyber attack/power loss, etc.,

Ability to arbitrarily route free travel...corralling if you will...
And the eventual leasing of ad space, intersections at a premium of course.

I'd like to see this rolled out in the private sector such as amusement parks,
and see where it goes from there.

And I'd like to know more details on that pesky surface!

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