Comment: Typical GOP idiocracy in full effect - just a show boat

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Typical GOP idiocracy in full effect - just a show boat

Instead of insinuating he is lying - why not just have a staffer mozy on over to the IRS building, get a copy of the IT Department's disaster recovery policy(which is required by law), review such policy and then you dont have to insinuate he is lying - you can have him brought up on charges before his ass even leaves the seat.
Then you make it known that EVERY IT staff member is getting called before Congress and ANYBODY caught lying is going to prison. I don't give a rats ass how many you have to call.

That's how big boys play - they dont stomp their feet and call people liars - they beat them at their own game

And where is John the monkey humping a football Boehner at. Why has he not started impeachment proceeding against this guy, the Director of IT, the Director of IT's next 8 people in line, those people's subordinates and on and on.

The "hard drive" crash explanation is sooooo ridiculous it would be funny if not for the fact that the GOP is just falling for it. Like Lerner's emails are on her harddrive - what - they don't use Exchange servers at the IRS, they dont have disaster recovery plans, offsite backups, archives.

Hey - someone call Barracuda Networks - I have a great lead for them - LOL!!!