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Comment: Seems as though you are just as guilty..

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Seems as though you are just as guilty..

Your side is "awake" and the other side is "asleep". Sometimes we have to admit our own ignorance instead of simply trying to find the ignorance of others. Your opinion and my opinion on the subject are completely at odds, yet I feel no need to tell you that your opinion is wrong or that you need to 'wake up'. Opinions, much like excuses, are just like assholes, we all have one, and they all stink.

BTW..who is controlling me through "religion"? How about going deeper into how you think religion is somehow guilty of causing our nation to be in the shape it is in. I would like to hear it. Just let it be known, there are a lot of us who wouldn't even be in this fight if it wasn't for our 'religion' or faith. Me included. Perhaps you might just learn something yourself, and the least of that will be that you are just as guilty of the paradigm you rail against.