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Sure, I get that, but I don't

Sure, I get that, but I don't think there are too many of those JBS hating Republicans at DP (hell I think we are two of about half a dozen people here who still vote at all). Anyway, it seemed like you think the Freedomworks scores are a good indication of quality. I don't totally agree with that and was explaining why; no offence was intended. As for your second question, I'm inferring that you mean am I still talking to mainstream conservatives to try to present our ideas to them. Yes I do. And I might quote Freedomworks to them if they like FW when it is something I and Freedomworks agree on, but not because I think Freedomworks is definitive. If you are interested in working with the reasonable conservatives (i.e. the other half of Rand's base), we would love you to join us at I'm The Rebel Poet there too.

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