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Suggestion: Be a man

This isn't a meaningless discussion. It's deadly important. That you think justice depends on whether or not some apparatchik follows a certain procedure or not, is a very dangerous confusion, and it is not accidental.

You are supposed to believe that, you are indoctrinated to believe that. But it's a little unusual for someone supposedly in the liberty movement to not think for themselves, and not only not think for themselves agree to the idea of not thinking for yourself as a general rule.

Because that is what we are talking about.

It's semantic yes, that hardly makes it unimportant though.

Because they defined away your moral agency when they claim justice is procedure. But you had to agree to this. Why you do is beyond me.

Justice is when guilty are sanctioned and when innocent are not. Procedure has zero to do with whether justice is done or not in any particular case.

Procedure has to do with whether the system produces more or less justice.

When you accept that procedure = justice, then on what grounds can you ever claim justice was not done? They just say, as they do all the time, "We followed procedure."

What is your retort? You don't even know what justice is, except one thing you seem to be sure of is that justice is procedure.

And since you can't articulate what is wrong with the system, because after all "they followed procedure" you can't complain and why would it not tend to get worse. Well obviously it does get worse.

Be human. Don't cede your moral authority to another man. What then makes you a man? A penis? A thumb?

Procedure does not define justice any more than a Supreme Court opinion defines Constitutionality. Both those ideas are dangerous.