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History does a good job of

History does a good job of showing out how bad governments are, and how they always crush liberty whenever it threatens to emerge. If a truly free society wasn't possible, governments wouldn't place taking control of education and information as their top priority. Every government in the history of the world has had one thing in common. They all want to convince you that they are necessary, because as soon as you realize they are not, the master looses his domination over the slave. No more $10,000 a night hookers, designer drugs and child sex trafficking rings. A free society means "everyone" must follow the same laws. The goal of every power hungry politician is to become above the law so they can do whatever the hell they want to you and the other slaves.

As I've said before, a volunteerist society without a government is "only" possible when a majority of people believe in the NAP as the normal and optimal form of social structure. This may never happen. It certain has never happened before, hence why there has never been a NAP based society. It goes back to an old adage, no government has ever been able to rule against the will of it's people. This includes self-governance. You can't convince people who want a slave master to govern themselves. So currently, freedom is impossible.

If your argument is that the NAP based society will never occur because people gravitate toward gangs who do not respect natural rights for protection; i.e. people believe in trading liberty for security (and inevitably wind up with neither), you are very possibly correct. You're certainly correct today in the age we live in. Like most volunteerists, I only dream of a possible future where the spread of information makes the NAP normal in a future generation who may actually get sick of gang dominance and opt for freedom.

In any society who would be socially advanced enough to base a society on the NAP, the dangers you pose would be unlikely to occur as they would be seen as crime. People will only have a chance at freedom when they understand things for what they are and stop inventing words to mask reality. war is mass murder, abortion is murder, taxation is theft, punishing people for victimless crimes IS a crime, and governments are gangs.