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As I already said, its

As I already said, its impossible until the majority of humans believe in the NAP. This may never occur. It has NEVER occurred before, in part because the ability for humans to share information and ideas has always been suppressed until the invention of the internet.

I have no doubt that small groups of humans around the world at times have managed to figure out the NAP and then opt for voluntary societies, but were immediately crushed by neighboring governments. A human who awakens to liberty is a threat to every government in the world. freedom is attractive and could spread until people realize they simply don't need gangs and the constant war and theft they bring. That is why it is "always" stamped out in its infancy.

Just look at the way that Democrats and Republican's unite in force to crush libertarians. Its the only damn thing they truly agree on with zeal, they both hate freedom.

The internet and future advances in technology give us a once in a species opportunity to evolve socially beyond the need to form into gangs and murder each other for resources. We have the technology to live in a capitalist society and trade in peace with abundance. However the slave master doesn't want to see his slaves go free, it would mean he'd have to follow law and stop preying on his slaves.

However if you really want to get technical; every society ever will have some form of government, the one I prefer has the smallest possible government; self-government.