Comment: This really reduces our area of disagreement.

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This really reduces our area of disagreement.

You admit that anarchism can't be a realistic order until everyone adopts and behaves in accordance with NAP.

The difference we have is whether this is literally possible, given human nature. I think your view is utopian in the sense that it sees human nature as being much more malleable than it is. You think education or a change in ideas can do more than I think it can.

Your belief that that "if everyone adopted NAP, we could have anarchism" is the same as someone who said "if everyone adopted Marxist principles and egalitarianism, we could have communism." Both are completely true. The problem is in the "if everyone did..." They can't.

Human nature is not malleable to the point of permitting either one of them. You would need massive amounts of genetic engineering + selective breeding, social engineering and mind control, to create people who all always behave in accordance with NAP, or in accordance with 100% property egalitarianism, or pacifism, etc.

It's science fiction, and crazy.