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I didn't say everyone, I said

I didn't say everyone, I said a majority. Rights are always won on the battlefield by the victor, the non-conformists to the new way are the criminals of society. In the case of the NAP, the criminals are those who refuse to respect the natural rights of others and who initiate force unjustly.

America probably seemed utopian at the time of its founding. Our Republic came close on the heals of philosophers like Bastiat and Locke whose teachings resonated among a people with a rebellious spirit and were widely enough held to be considered the "norm" in America. It took a long time for those ideas to go from "Utopian dreamers" to "normal."

Bastiat and Locke never had the internet. I believe when Tyranny gets bad enough, the next revolution could be global, and it could take liberty all the way. I think that impossible ideas become "normal" thinking if enough children are educated in them. If there is enough information available to reach people. After all, look at what governments have been able to trick entire swarths of the population to think is "normal."

Unlike Communism, Fascism & Socialism, Liberty would actually work. The difference between a generation that accepts the domination of gangs, and one that does not is the very simple knowledge that it is not okay to commit a crime, even if you have a fancy hat or badge. Many people today are already nearly there, they just can't get over that last hurtle. But my children will understand, as will many many others who grow up with the internet being exposed to the ideas of liberty.

That said, "Anarchism" is a misnomer. There is no such thing as an anarchist, and its to volunteerism what "Isolationist" is to a non-interventionist. The term is derogatory and does not apply to those who prefer voluntary society over one based on coercion. Law is present in both places, however in one, the law giver has competition and the laws NEVER infringe on natural rights, and in the other there is monopoly and tyranny where rights are not enforced.

This isn't a human nature question. It is in our nature to serve ourselves and not want our life, liberty and property stolen from us. This is a question of education and ideas. It is a questioning of actualy defining things as what they are. It is teaching people to stop pretending a crime isn't a crime just because it has a fancy name. This is something we can learn as a species, and when 10% of the people do, it will spread and become "normal."