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Calling him out is the first step...

I'll give him an "atta boy." Now, I want him to lead Republicans to follow through with a special prosecutor. I also want the Republicans to change our tax system that will limit the IRS to collection of taxes through businesses, ie. Flat or Fair Tax as a first step toward collecting taxes through tariffs only.

If we start heavily taxing imports, jobs will return from overseas.

Now, if Ryan does that, I'll believe he's appalled.

Ryan was in office when Republicans had control of both houses with the presidency and they gave us Medicare Part D, expanded the DoE, DEA, allowed a steady flow of illegals, increased our debt, championed corporations over individuals, allowed the housing bubble with bailouts and lead us into a war that we can never win without paying a price the majority don't want to pay.

He has a lot more to do than callout the Commish of the IRS in a hearing.

Also, Ryan was a willing participant in the way Ron Paul and his supporters were treated at the RNC.

"Atta boy, Ryan, you told him." Now what?