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Yes I wouldn't be putting any

Yes I wouldn't be putting any bets that a libertarian golden age will come in my life time, if ever. However I do think that advances in our technology which will inter-connect our lives and philosophies will inevitably lead to a golden age of volunteerism if we aren't wiped out by governments first.

I strongly recommend reading "The Golden Age" by John C. Wright. Its a sci-fi distopian novel about a far future Volunteerist Utopia built on the inevitability of such a society coming about with the advance of technology. I am pretty versed in this philosophy and I was not disappointed in John C. Wright's very reasonable view of where volunteerism could lead. Keep in mind that it "is" distopian; so its up to the reader to decide if he thinks its worth it.

I really wish I knew someone else who had read them so I could discuss. These books are phenomenal.

Anyway, always fun Bill. I love debating with you.