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I'll bite Jan,

I would like to make a specific point without getting too far off into the anarchism vs. minarchism debate.

I disagree with your assumption that a stateless society would have more crime. I would imagine that if there were no cops, a lot more people would be carrying sidearms for self protection since that responsibility is not farmed out to police. There are a lot of people out there that are very rude/instigate because they know that if you touch them, they can call the police and have you arrested for assault. Judging by your youtube videos, you have met a few.

If everyone has a sidearm and initiating a conflict will mean they have to defend themselves, I believe conflicts would be less likely. There are a lot of bullies out there that would tone it down if someone didn't have to worry about a jail cell for shooting them. The idea that if you try to bully someone, they can shoot you and walk away without consequence would be a HUGE deterrent to antisocial behavior.

Now, as far as warlords taking advantage of the weak, that would not be an anarchist society, that would be the infancy of government. A warlord is a political leader, and we would have to consider that a form of small limited government (minarchism), as a warlord reigns over a small limited area. Warlords exploiting a small select group of people is the same thing that we have today, only on a much larger scale, with their violent tactics, selective enforcement, and rape cages to put people in.

It is a romanticized notion to believe justice will be carried out more efficiently by a politically motivated court system than by a reprisal killing. Since we all know that most of the time justice is based on how much you can afford to spend, and your social position, it would actually be fairer for a poor person to be able to take justice into their own hands, rather than a court.

Justice/self defense is not a violation of the NAP, but taxation to fund a court system is. How do you fund a court system without tax dollars, with donations? Wouldn't the more wealthy donors to fund that court system receive preferential treatment so their donations keep coming?

We could get into the debate about whether humans could even live voluntarily together, but as soon as the conversation becomes about how a group will organize and exploit others, we are talking about some form of government, which is what minarchist advocate for. Somalia is not a country without a government, it has many little governments within it that independently use violence against their people as they see fit.

Do you see how minarchist argue against themselves? A voluntary society won't work because someone will form an oppressive group, so instead of that we need to form our own group, which will somehow not be corrupt and oppressive itself. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Anarchists cannot keep government from forming and minarchists cannot stop government from growing out of control, it is plain and simple human nature.