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I think someone has a

I think someone has a minarchist man crush.

Is that the mission Bill3, "destroy anarchism on the DP"? Spoken like a true statist controller. It's not enough to live and let be with someone else's non-violent ideology, you have to crush it because it is in competition with your superior ideology that makes excuses for aggression. That line of thinking is how wars start in the real world.

Like I commented to Jan, and probably at least once to you in the past, anarchism can't last because someone will start a government, and sure as rain is wet, that minarchist government will grow out of control eventually. Statists think that a tyranny can be maintained without an uprising. One thing the anarchist, minarchist, and statist have in common is that they are all delusional if they think the can get their way for very long. All have their time in the rise and fall of societies, but it is fleeting.