Comment: No admiration, just respect

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No admiration, just respect

I've never admired them, but I've always respected their presence.

Now I'm biased, though.

As I see it, with corruption growing in their ranks slowly and surely choking the # of good cops, I'd say the last thing to do would be to fear them as a whole.

The urgent thing to do is to have as many of them as possible, not all lost, to wake up in turn to the total debasement of the Constitution they share with you/us - they are just people, as vulnerable should they stop being active.

Times have proven they can become as deadly as the military when they go totally bad, totally servile of the brute state.

Yes, they have free will, but it's also shared responsibility, IMO, up to the people who tolerated them around first, to not abandon them to the latter - the brute state.

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