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First I'd like to establish

First I'd like to establish that I think EVERYTHING, as far as we are able to understand it, is a human construct. In other words, it is impossible to separate existence from humanity. As soon as you try to imagine existence without humanity, you will fail, because "existence" in and of itself is a creation of humanity.

If we apply this tautological truth to NAP, then we can realize how NAP might govern us--we can be governed by NAP via an establishment of it's particular set of thoughts amongst a large group of people who live amongst one another. NAP is not something that is "imposed" in the way that most laws are enacted; it is imposed, instead, by a change in thought. I firmly believe that we create our reality.

You say that in a war zone the NAP doesn't "apply". This, to me, is somewhat of a non-sensical idea. Do you really think that it would be impossible to apply the NAP in a war zone? I think that the NAP can be applied, even in the most gruesome of circumstances, because it is something that exists in the minds of individuals. Those who apply NAP in a war zone, I think, would be some of the most effective players in ending the conflict, because war is ended by people who promote peace.

I definitely agree with you that NAP is not particularly a "truth" according to the popular interpretation of "truth"--it is more as you said--"a tool that advances interests."

But there is an important question about truth: do you think that truth is created?