Comment: Oh, for the love of.......

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Oh, for the love of.......

Please stop. This is a hoax. Just as every photo of a "giant" has been proven to be a hoax. More than that, you are making us all look bad. This article references your post:

I am not saying your Bible is wrong or that there wasn't a race of giants. It is just pretty obvious that this is a stunt, a fakery. Seven "fragments" of fossil bones that are smaller than the joints, analyzed by a creationist, not a scientist, and "supposedly" sent to the Smithsonian (so they can claim there is a conspiracy to hide the truth), doesn't justify the building of an entire fake skeleton. How would they know how big the bones and joints were? Plus, the leg bones would need to increase in size for additional weight, they would need to be much larger than the bones in the torso.

It is a good fake, but it is a tourist attraction.

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