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That's not the topic

Anarchism is the topic, and anarchism doesn't permit any law. All law rests on the jurisdiction of the group to judge the individual. Anarchism rejects this and only permits individual or pack self defense. To judge someone requires his self ownership be violated by the group. This principle serves to establish the legitimacy of all the rest of group demands on the individual. From tithe to tax to draft to torture, all can be justified by claiming the group decides the rights of the individual. If your principle is that rights exist regardless of the group, than the individual has a right not to be subjected to the judgements of third parties. You're stuck with just self and pack defense and no system of justice.

Dropping the false claims of ethical oughts and natural rights allows you to move forward to a consequential or utilitarian argument about what system is the best. But if you try to ground it in the ethical absolutes, you will end up with a system incapable of resolving disputes at all.