Comment: I used to feel there was no god and that science proved it until

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I used to feel there was no god and that science proved it until

...I educated myself about various subjects and well, now I know the truth. I never could get "into" religion when I was younger. Dudes walkin on water, sea's parting open, healing the sick...get outta here! And the kicker for me was a Blonde-Blue Eyed-White man and I should get on my knees and pray...LOL. Hell naw...I ain't havin it. (-: I also couldn't get into these "Black" preachers that like to sing-talk-bark-rap and mainly hear themselves speak and feel important while hitting on your wife after the service. Dancing and eating but not learning/teaching me about the Word/History of God/Jesus.

BUT, as you become more learned about the world and come to the realization that true history is more amazing and mind boggling than any science fiction book and that we have been lied to about so much history.

Then I discovered Walter J. Veith, a professor from a university who became a Christian after he couldn't answer certain questions from his being ignorant of things biblical, he decided to look into it! And what he discovered changed him.....and ME! Anyways check out this awesome video and go here to challenge your belief system and see if the science supports IT. THERE IS A GOD AND IS SON IS JESUS.