Comment: What I can't figure out, is why so many are so deeply enthralled

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What I can't figure out, is why so many are so deeply enthralled

by the prospects of an idea like anarchy vs. minarchy, neither of which, that both sides know deep inside, will ever happen in their entire lifetimes, nor does it have a hope in hell of even taking root at this stage of the game.

Sure discussion of it is good, but when it becomes heated argument, or distraction topic over something that is not even a probability in their immediate futures, it can become wasted energy, and an inane effort to accomplish nothing.

Before you win the open mindedness required for either to function, one has to win political ideological battles, and then political battles themselves to reset public thinking. And before one can even achieve that much, they must accomplish mutual peace amongst themselves. And we have barely begun to achieve any of that.

I can see generations three times down the line possibly having a logical reason to put so much effort into this argument, but there is clearly no point in hoping for this outcome at our point in the timeline right now. It simply won't happen, or even turn in that general direction. Not in any of our lifetimes.

Humanity is not even close to ready to handle minarchy, let alone anarchy.

And looking at history and human government addiction and human laziness when it comes to self responsibility, I actually see it going much further in the direction we are currently going before it ever even remotely goes in the opposite.

Minarchy, and without a doubt anarchy, are pipe dreams in our lifetimes. But as discussion, it is true that discussion creates and nurtures ideas.