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I don't come from a

libertarian background, but more of a paleo or alt rightist (Buchanan/Taki) perspective. I was a Ron Paul fan back when he was penning missives against the Iraq war, before ever there was a Youtube. I've developed my views considerably over the years, tackling different areas of interest, philosophy being only the latest.

Before the Paul, I had never really encountered anarchists, although I knew they existed. As I rounded out my study of the Austrian school of economics, I did become aware of them through Rothbard more directly. I never gave them a thorough reading until making the Daily Paul my home base, after having been tramping around Mencius Moldbug and Alternative Right and so on just as a commenter.

I've had a good time examining their views, the ideas and their intellectual pedigree, exploring what they believe, debating, poking holes where holes are to be poked, and getting generally acquainted with their religion.

It's been a gainful exercise for me in finding solid ground for my own views and understanding what really is the nature of the political beast, where do laws get their legitimacy, etc.

I agree at this point, it is getting to be more a mere self indulgence or vice, and certainly beating a dead horse. While I am still developing new flaws and gigantic holes, that can probably go on forever. I suppose the Daily Paul ultimately will just be an anarchist forum until political season anyway.

On that note, you're right this is stupid.

Time for big bad bill to take a big bad break.

Paece, b1tches.