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Oh...and... continue my analogy:

- despite my differences as a universalist from those who hold the traditional views that not all can be saved, nonetheless, my efforts to reconcile myself and others to Love can very much be along the same trajectory as theirs. They just happen to think we can only be partially successful; I happen to think it will ultimately be entirely successful.

So, too: the minarchist and the anarchist have a lot of overlap, are on the same trajectory from the position we are now at, striving to expand Liberty and shrink the state. We can ride this train together for a loooong way yet, and then debate further whether we can or should attempt to get to the last station on the route, of statelessness. The minarchist just happens to think we can only be partially successful at striving for less and less state power; the anarchist happens to think it is fully achievable. We both have the same desires: one thinks his desires can be fully realized; the other thinks only partially.