Comment: He is an idiot ...

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He is an idiot ...

Not supporting rand after his meaningless endorsement of Romney. which he said he would endorse the GOP nominee no mater who it was before the election cycle, and that's just what he did!

Ill say this for the tenth time...Ron Paul: I do not know what people want to drive a wedge between Rand and I ,because we agree on 99% of the issues.

Rand supported his dad until they knew he wasn't going to win and Ron has no issue with why should he?

Does he really think Ron could win with the system the way it is now?? Even if he did make potus and buck the system.. he would be assassinated and we all know that! Ron opened the door for rand and changed a lot of minds so that the people will be ready for a Rand..and the PTB wont dare touch him!

Rand is the best horse in the race and the only difference is Rand is better at playing politics than his father...and how far gone things are now...this is what we need!

Rand appeals to larger crowds than his father and is playing 3 sided chess.

That being said no one is Dr. Ron Paul...he is a legend and stood up to the establishment and remained pure to the end...predicted the future and he will always be the modern day thomas Jefferson.

Rand is more clever and a little more street smart...but make no mistake who's side he is on! I stand with Rand!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!