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I never said the 14th

I never said the 14th amendment said any such thing, and it does not. NO ONE born here is automatically a citizen. It clearly states that one must have been born here, or naturalized, AND be under the jurisdiction of. Jurisdiction is something granted. The US Expatriation Act of 1868, which could equally be called the Patriate Act (where people are expatriating from their state and patriating into the Federal State), made very clear that giving jurisdiction to this citizenship is/was voluntary. All rights and privileges of this federal citizenship supersede any states laws, but only where US citizens are concerned. Its original intent was to supersede state's laws concerning racial matters. But today 150 years later it has gone far, far, far beyond just superseding state's laws concerning racial matters, and into every matter of the person's life. This is why a state can not pass a law that would, for instance, nullify Obama Care; anymore than in 1870 a southern state could not pass a law that would oppress a negro's "rights and privileges" as a US citizen. This was the end of the state's rights over the people, and beginning of the Federal rights over people.

The people did retain their right to bear arms. And after 4 years of very bloody war, they were worn down. It was not that they were not vigilant, it is that they were beat down, and they lost the battle with arms. They were beat in a military fight. And that is how their freedom was lost. Since that time they have been beat by indoctrination, by the idea that you can change all this by vote. In history, freedom has never won over tyranny by a vote.

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