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"Give me ONE example....

TODAY...of a cotton field not being picked by slaves." - Random unhelpful guy in 1859."

If you want government to be something that does nothing but violate rights, then keep driving home that that is what it is, and always will be.

When we identify the problem - the violation of individual rights - we can then see the problem. But then you want to go to everyone with that problem, and say "THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO ABOLISH ALL GOVERNMENT", and they rightfully say "whoa, what? No laws at all? I can't have my publicly funded school and city council?"

The fact is, they CAN have those things and be perfectly consistent with individual rights if they are funded through the consent of private property owners, even if you tell them they can't.

To deny people the right to form a government - a system of law and order - is a tyranny of its own. To promote it as the only way individual rights can be respected is to confine the "liberty" movement to the edges of society, where it shall remain so long as 'anarcho-capitalism" is promoted as the be-all, end-all, the "only way forward."

Who cares what kind of examples there are? I can easily say "give me ONE Example of anarcho-capitalism today where individual rights are respected. YOU CANT DO IT"

That wouldn't change the fact that people have the right to form an anarcho-capitalist community, so long as they don't force others into that system. The same holds true for any government people might choose to create.

The problem lies in the hearts and minds and their beliefs about individual rights - not in whatever specific system is in place.
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