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Because all anarchism requires voluntary consent. All governments depend on forced use.

I cannot choose to not be a part of a government, therefore a government has authority through force and not acceptance. i.e. They will kill me if we disagree enough.

Any construction of governing bodies within an anarchism look more like Consumer Reports than the FDA. They succeed through your acceptance, and not by holding a gun to your head.

On a side note. Do you stop at a red light because that is the law, or because you know you are likely to get hit if you do not? Cops/laws do nothing beneficial. And do you think the guy that ran the red light in the middle of the night with no traffic because the light didn't seem to be working should be fined $200 (most likely an entire day's wage stolen from him)?

Governments are silly. Anarchism REQUIRES consent of the governed (sound familiar)? Not a majority, not the important folks, not the wealthy... the governed.

Some would take issue with this next statement, but I believe the closest thing we have had to anarchy in modern times was the US prior to the civil war. During this time, tax collectors were run off at the point of a gun (family story I told a long time ago), laws from the federal government were a joke at best, and small communities could decide for themselves. This isn't to say that it was perfect, but it did usher in the greatest rise to prosperity and freedom that anyone has seen in more centuries than could be counted.

And don't let the "western" mentality sway you. Fiction is fiction and the dime store novel versions of American history that we see in movies (and paperbacks, both old and new) do NOT represent what life was really like.

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