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You start off with a fallacy:

"Because all anarchism requires voluntary consent. All governments depend on forced use."

Why do all governments depend on forced use? If people want to form a system of law and order within their own property boundaries, how is that not consent?

"I cannot choose to not be a part of a government, therefore a government has authority through force and not acceptance. i.e. They will kill me if we disagree enough."

But I said "do people have a right to form a government?" Obviously if people formed it stands to reason they did consent to it.

I'd go through the rest point by point, but it seems like you are coming up with another definition of government that "REQUIRES" that it be created through force, despite the fact there is nothing in the definition of government dictating that this must be the case, and that explicitly asked if people have the right to form one, not the right to be forced into one.

When you say "small communities could decide for themselves", what differentiates those small communities deciding things from the definition of government as provided above?
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