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No, it's not off-base...

HOW can anarchists pretend that other people will not form alliances (gangs) that will form their own laws, armies, and take over "ancapistan"?

Only way is if "everyone just gets along".

Are you seriously claiming that one individual can physically, forcefully defend themselves from an invading army, or organized armed gang?!

No?? Ok... You're claiming that individuals will somehow voluntarily decide to come to each others' aid, and fight organized armies without a standard militia, which requires ranking authority, set tactics, and discipline...

That miniscule amount of hierarchy is potentially enough to for a society to survive invasion, but it is not anarchy, it is a min-archy.

Anarchy is so ridiculously impossible it's hilarious.

Please stop with the total side-show distraction.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?