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"You start off with a fallacy:"

No, I don't. And you should be careful to apply that word only when it is accurate.

Just because 3 people get together and agree to steal from the forth does not mean there was consent. The 4th most certainly did NOT consent.

In order for a ruling body to be valid under anarchism it would require an opt-out clause, which is literally the death of a government. (Basically, the right of the 4th to say, "Naw, I don't think so... Thanks anyway.")

If you could choose not to pay taxes, would you? If you could choose not to follow anti-MMJ laws, would you? Of course. They are enforced against those who do NOT consent with a gun.

Anything else you have to say would be just more dancing around what a government is, and what it requires to be functional.

Consumer Reports, AAA = Anarchism (choice).
FDA, DMV = Government (gun).

Side note, if you had to provide a 1-5 opinion about those four organizations... I am going to take a wild guess that Consumer Reports and AAA would win. Two services which I use, voluntarily (as many do). If I could choose not to use the FDA and DMV, it would literally feel like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

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