Comment: Time is not a dimension, it is a function

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Time is not a dimension, it is a function

Just because their math is pretty and internally consistent, doesn't mean it describes the universe we live in. Black holes don't exist either.

Magwan77 is right, it is an electric universe. The evidence for it mounts daily and with each new instrument they deploy, and Standard Model is so full of holes, I would be embarrassed to be working on it.

Our climate extremes are caused by the sun, and Electric Universe tells us why. Main Stream Science is still searching for dark matter and blaming humans for climate change, and apparently trying to go back in time. This is just another attempt to justify the Standard Model, and these scientists are misguided at best.

Stephen Crothers gave a presentation at the EU2014 conference that describes why black holes don't exist, and reveals why this paper is nonsense, for those who are interested.

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