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They have been scattered here

They have been scattered here and there in various youtube videos. People criticise him on being here and there, but from my view, he hasn´t actually deviated much from his viewpoints. But people nonetheless felt that he did.

Take the airstrikes for example. When he stated that he didn´t rule out airstrikes, people here felt that this once again proved that he was not to be trusted and that he flipflopped. But they ignored the context that statement was given. He stated that ultimately congres must decide, not the president and that one must follow the constitution where such an action was concerned. His airstrike statement was not a contradiction, but it was interpreted in that way anyways. And I´ve seen many examples like this.

In the end, it comes down to trust. Any statement given by either Rand or Ron (or anyone else for that matter), can be twisted in a negative way. And when a lot of people do this and you read their viewpoints, one starts becoming overly critical to the point of having unrealistic expectations.

Not to say that this negative attitude is entirely unwarranted. He pretty much asked for this when he endorsed Romney. That´s where all the negativity began in the first place. And forever dit it sour his destiny (in the eyes of RP supporters).