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matter of time

There *were* cotton fields in 1859 which were not being picked by slaves. There is no problem there. Lots of examples, and you know it.

> If you want government to be something
> that does nothing but violate rights,...

It has absolutely nothing to do with what I want. It is the definition.

That's right, when someone says, "I can't have my publicly funded school and city council?" they are correct in assuming they can't have them and be consistent with individual rights. Because exactly what they mean is that they want others forced (without their consent) to pay for it. Exactly what they mean by "publicly funded" is "getting something for nothing" or "having it legitimately stolen from others." That "legitimacy of stealing" is exactly the kind of thing for which one needs government, and you know it.

Government is not a "system of law and order" even according to your dictionary definition. What, you won't allow me to offer a correct definition, but you can make up your own wrong one?

For the record, I have not suggested "forcing" anyone to do anything. I have not mentioned security agencies or agencies of any sort. I have made no mention of a "system" of any sort. These are all ideas that have nothing to do with what I've said that you have produced completely on your own and attributed to me.

Such behavior is more than deceptive. It is dishonorable.

In any case, I have made my point. You disagree, but I see no option for your position. In the mean time, you will have to live with yourself and your behavior.