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Comment: Ah yes, The Conundrum

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Ah yes, The Conundrum

After giving up grains, it seems as though there is nothing left to eat! It certainly involves a whole different mindset about eating.

What I've found is that you really don't need to eat all that much - certainly not as much as you were eating before. The carbohydrate cycle - wherein your blood sugar spikes because of the simple carbs in say, pizze, then crashes as insulin does it's work, leaves you hungry even though you just ate.

It takes a few days without simple carbohydrates to break that cycle. The South Beach Diet has some excellent recipes, as the first week of that diet excludes carbs. Here are some of the things I eat.

I always start out the day with a big glass of vegetable juice, fresh pressed, in my Omega juicer.

Then a 3 egg omelette. You can put onions, peppers, asparagus, spinach, butter, cheese & any kind of meat of your choice. Have some olives and a salad on the side. It is delicious and filling.

For lunch any kind of meat of your choice: a steak; a hamburger patty; a piece of chicken; a fillet of fish, grilled to perfection.

Have a side salad. Or roasted vegetables. Or sauteed vegetables.

For dinner, the same as lunch.

Here are some nice recipes, with pictures.

You'll eat like a king! And you definitely won't be as hungry as before.

Best of luck!