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No i dont believe

that people believe "that government is the thing that violates everyone's rights?" but I do think that the "right to impose force upon others" is a necessary PART of nearly everyone definition of government. Sure there are other things to like protection ect... but force is always an essential aspect of it.

Do you think if you took out the "right to impose force" part we would still call it government? I'm having a hard time imagining it looking like anything we have now.

you asked "Is it immoral to use force to enforce natural law?" I would say no it is not necessarily wrong but you cant violate natural law to enforce natural law viz. you cant take away peoples money (violating natural law) to protect people from others stealing from them.

I am curios how you enforce natural law without first violating it? and if you can do this does it still resemble government? Im not sure.