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Well aint this some s***!

My two favorite posters on the DP(albeit for completely different reasons). How incredibly far apart both of you are, and yet how unbelievably similar.

When I saw that you were arguing, I had to see what about. And lo, here you are. Bickering about nothing, right on my post. Like pissing at each other in the middle of a hurricane.

Bill, why do you assume you have a correct understanding of what everybody believes, and consequently believe everybody is wrong? Is it possible that you are missing something? Like you don't get what it is that everybody believes? Or why they believe it? Is it so unlikely that there is a reason that everybody keeps arguing, and its not because they are all dumb? Your attitude reminds me of my attitude when I first started reading the communist literature. I was so completely against the idea that anything they said might be valid, that I couldn't understand how anyone could be an intellectual and be so stupid to get fooled by it. It wasn't until I realized what it was that they believed, that I could really measure my personal belief system against theirs. I came out much stronger, and with much more conviction.

@goldspan. I haven't heard any feedback from you. I am a little nervous, mind. I value your criticism(as I do Bill's) very deeply. I always appreciate your insight, but as a human being I also desire validation. Not bullshit. Not patronizing. I desire to be validated for my thoughts. I don't share thoughts to get validation.

Either way, I know you are just gonna be honest. And I am going to deserve any criticism. Look forward to hearing it.