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No. I actually believe in a

No. I actually believe in a big tent. I just don't like when people promise to actively work against things that are important to me.

Probably the thing that bothers me the most about his positions is his position on E-verify.

Here are my issues with him:

1) He wants to put caps on winnings from malpractice lawsuits which would make deregulation of healthcare impossible because courts and common law would be unable to punish bad actors once regulatory burracracies are gone.

2) He's a strong supporter of E-verify, the early form of America's National ID program. It would require every American to get permission from government before they could work a job. Also, employers would have to pay a head tax on every person they hire.

3) He's against reducing immigration restrictions.

4) He focuses his talks of spending cuts on small ticket earmarks, which is a signal he won't touch major items like defense, social security, or medicare

5) He wants to use the government to impose his values or encourage their practice on society. That accounts for roughly 1/4 of the issues and he'd be on the wrong side of most of them.

6) His foriegn policy statement implies that he wants to keep military and defense spending extremely high.